Bytepack helps you package and deliver software products to developers and enterprises.

How it works

Package, sell, and deliver your software product in three steps:

You develop a product and deploy it to Bytepack as a package via your standard tooling (Elixir's Hex, Node's npm, Ruby's Rubygems, Docker Images, etc.)
Developers and enterprises buy a license for your product directly through Bytepack
Your customers download the product using the same standard tooling - that you both know and love

Why Bytepack?

If you are a developer who wants to build tooling and infrastructure products for developers and software companies, your main options today are mobile/desktop applications or writing your own Software as a Service (SaaS). Those options come with their own set of technical challenges and operational complexities. Other times, a GUI or a SaaS are at the wrong level of abstraction too.

Our goal with Bytepack is to provide new ways for delivering software products, via your package and deployment tooling of choice (Elixir's Hex, Node's npm, Ruby's Rubygems, Docker Images, etc.).

If you have a brand new idea for developer tooling or you are already working on infrastructure software, Bytepack can help you package, sell, and deliver it directly to your customers. We take care of packaging hosting and versioning, managing licenses and subscriptions, emitting invoices, global tax compliance, and more. You focus on doing what you love: creating software.

Licenses and subscriptions

One-time fee, monthly, and/or yearly. You choose how companies buy your products, we do the rest.

Packaging and versioning

Whenever you publish a new version to Bytepack, we notify all of your users. They can review, audit it, and upgrade at their own pace.

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Global tax compliance

When selling digital goods online, you must comply with taxes and invoices worldwide. With Bytepack, they become our responsibilities instead of yours.

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Landing page and insights

Build your own landing page in minutes and welcome your first customers. We will gather the metrics to help you succeed in your new journey.

Interested? We would love to hear from you!

If you already sell your own software products or you plan to do so in the future, let us know how to make Bytepack the best platform possible by filling in the quick survey below.


  • Who is behind Bytepack?

    Bytepack is brought to you by the Dashbit team. Our small group has decades of combined experience in developing systems and contributing to Open Source Software.

    We decided to start Bytepack while working on our first software product. That's when we learned about all of the complexity and bureaucracy behind delivering products to developers and enterprises, so we decided to shave this yak first. 😀

  • What is the payment structure?

    When you sell a product, the payment goes directly to your payment provider account. Bytepack takes a small fixed-rate (%) of the transaction value. We will support Stripe accounts at launch. Let us know if you prefer other providers.

    While your sales and subscriptions are managed by Bytepack, they will be directly enabled on your payment provider account, giving you complete access to your data and your customers.

    We are still working on the details and on our rates. However, we can confirm we don't plan on having any setup or monthly fees.

  • What are the tax implications of selling through Bytepack?

    When selling digital goods online, you must comply with tax and invoicing regulations worldwide. For example, if you sell your product to a person or a business in a given country, you may be required to withhold sales tax in said area. Each country has its own rules. You may need to set up Tax IDs, submit documentation, perform money transfers, etc.

    When selling through Bytepack, Bytepack becomes responsible for withholding taxes and emitting invoices, since our platform is the one delivering the digital goods. At the end of the day, you spend less time on paperwork and more time on your product.

  • Should the products sold on Bytepack include source code or precompiled artifacts?

    Both options are available.

    If you want to ship source code, you can use your programming language's package manager to deploy to Bytepack. The source code must be accompanied by a license, either commercial or an Open Source one. Your customers will download your package using the same tooling you use to publish it.

    If your goal is to sell precompiled artifacts, then we recommend delivering your products as DEB packages, RPM packages, or Docker Images. Note that Bytepack does not obfuscate or precompile the software for you - so make sure that your development stack supports one of those.

    Bytepack also provides auditing tools, allowing each of your customers to review and approve new versions of your software at their own pace before they are finally pulled into production.

  • Does Bytepack support business models tied to Open Source, such as Dual Licensing and Open Core?

    Yes, we do. In fact, Bytepack does not make any assumption on the business models or licenses you choose to sell your products.

    Therefore, if you would like to use GitHub, Bitbucket, or similar to develop your software under an Open Source license and use Bytepack to publish and deliver packages to enterprises under another license, that's totally possible and entirely up to you.

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