About us

Who is behind Bytepack?

Bytepack is brought to you by Dashbit. Our small group has decades of combined experience in developing systems and contributing to Open Source Software.

At the beginning of 2020, we were working on our software product and we started to explore which tools we could use to deliver our software.

Unfortunately, no platform offered a streamlined experience for distributing packages and updates to developers and enterprises. At best, we could try to string multiple services together, which would ultimately result in headaches for our team and poor user experiences to our customers.

That's when we decided to build Bytepack as the tool we want to use to sell and deliver software. Once we heard other developers faced similar challenges, we expanded Bytepack to support multiple sellers and a diverse set of package managers.

Our Team

José Valim

Wojtek Mach

Marlus Saraiva

Przemek Krowiński

Philip Sampaio